New ui BETA FIX for corby 2 and original rc1

Screnn shots of the MOD
 Screen Shot of Fix Lock Screen bug of 0
same procedure of flashing
How to install:
1.Any multiloader
3.corby 2 :)
1.Turn off ur your Sc2 then make it to download mode (tap all button volume button and the power button must same tap at once )
2.Open ur multiloader (any version will do ) 
2.connect your SC2 to ur computer
3.Click Rsrc1 button and find the rc1 u downloaded then press ok the download/flash :)
Multiloader link:
heres the link  the fix version link <<<<<< this one the mod
here link for original rc1  <<<<<< thos rc1 to reback the orginal ui screen
Credits to Harish who make this swf and michael rada
I just tweak the html form swf so the other button work for our SC2


Galuh Stya Perdana said...

how i can get default mod of my samsung corby 2 ? the link is doesn't work

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